John’s Smoked Squash Gnocchi

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Recipe courtesy of Chef John Murray, Red Lion Smokehouse

In our September 2021 video (watch it here!) Chef John Murray shows how easy it can be to make gnocchi from local ingredients.  Far from being a difficult process, it can be made very easily in a short period of time, especially if you’ve got your mashed squash and potatoes ready.  The recipe below assumes you’ve got smoked mashed potatoes on hand when you start your gnocchi, and you can watch the video to learn the squash prep.

Chef John says he prefers the results when you let the mash rest overnight and make your gnocchi the next day, but that it isn’t absolutely necessary.

Serve this gnocchi with tomato sauce, garlic butter & grated Extra-Old Gouda, or John’s Summer Squash & Bacon Cream Sauce.



  1. Boil and smoke your mashed potatoes and squash a day ahead and fully cool.
  2. Mix the mash with flour, eggs & salt and roll into logs.
  3. Cut gnocci into bite-sized pieces and blanch in boiling salted water until the gnocchi floats.
  4. Scoop and cool on a sheet pan with olive oil and reserve for later use.

Watch Chef John Murray make this delightful dish in our September 2021 video!