As part of the next phase of this project, we’ll be working with Damien Gilbert and his team at Epica Pictures to produce a series of recipe videos with local chefs to make it easier for #tbay to use local ingredients while they’re in season.

Starting in July, we’ll be releasing a new video every month featuring ingredients in season that month.  We’re looking for local chefs who love local ingredients to join us to showcase their skills, their favourite family weeknight recipes, and their favourite local farm products.  The videos will be short – no more than 7 minutes each – and between pre-production and videography will require about a day of each participant’s time.  In recognition of the time involved, honorariums have been arranged for participants; please contact us for more details.

If you’re a professional chef who’d like to participate, or if you know a chef who you think should be involved, please email us at

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