Seared Trout, Hollandaise Sauce, Roasted Potato & Arugula Salad AND Spring Salad with White Balsamic & Honey Vinaigrette

This month, chef Rhonda Bill from A Fine Fit Catering takes us on a taste adventure that combines winter and spring with three recipes we saw her whip up with under an hour’s work.

Featured Ingredients in This Dish — and Where to Find Them

Find the complete list of local products in season in April here!

Featured Recipes

Stewed Cucumbers

In our March 2022 show, chef Markus Hofmann from Rose Valley Lodge & Restaurant prepares these cucumbers as a side dish to Pork Tenderloin Calvados along with Carrots à la Markus and Scalloped Potatoes.Ingredients: 1 English cucumber 1 tbsp. butter 2 cups beef or...

Pork Tenderloin Calvados

Salty, smoky bacon and delicate apple make beautiful local tenderloins sing!  In our March 2022 show, chef Markus Hofmann from Rose Valley Lodge & Restaurant prepares these bacon-wrapped pork medallions with apple slices, a rich sauce and sides of Scalloped...

Dill Feta-Yogurt Crema

Makes a great garnish for Bret’s Vegetarian Borscht as well as a yummy dip for veggies and snacks.

Root Beer Pulled Pork

Recipe courtesy of Ontario PorkIngredients 1 pork shoulder roast 1 medium onion, chopped 16 fl oz (500 mL) bottled root beer (not diet) 2 cups (500 mL) your favourite BBQ sauce 6 Kaiser or hamburger buns, split and lightly toasted How-To: Place the pork and onion in a...