Pork is In Season at the Squash Queen

Hog farmers play an important role in our food web.

Dan and Shannon The Squash Queen Vanlenthe and their son Sam work with a farmer in the region who is able to supplement his own income breeding extra piglets. These piglets leave the farm after they’re weaned and go to new homes like the Vanlenthes’ back pasture, where Dan and Sam grow and “finish” them using grain purchased from Thunder Bay Feeds, supporting the jobs of others in the farm industry.

After the pigs have been processed and gone on to customers’ freezers, their manure is composted and becomes high-nitrogen fertilizer for the gardening part of their operation, powering strong, healthy squash vines.

Shannon advises customers to plan ahead. Small farms aren’t like grocery chain operations, and it takes time to raise pigs right. Talk to your farmers early and plan to secure your share of their livestock well in advance.

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