Producer Spotlight: CSA at Sleepy G

Jan 12, 2022 | Producer Spotlights

Marcelle from Sleepy G Farm says their certified-organic vegetables are available from July all the way through March.
Last week we got to see their winter storage, which is full to the roof with a really impressive assortment of veggies. In addition to the bins of carrots, beets, potatoes, onions, garlic and green cabbages that we were expecting, we saw dried herbs, radishes, squashes, shallots, leeks and the biggest Napa cabbages ever – all stored at the perfect humidity and temperature to last through the winter.
Most of these premium quality vegetables are sold through Sleepy G’s CSA – Community-Supported Agriculture – subscription program.
Every two weeks, CSA subscribers pick up a box containing their share of the stored vegetables. Marcelle lays out a different combination each time to keep things interesting, but users also have the option of logging on to Sleepy G’s website to customize their share however they like. Options include eggs or pickles from the farm as well as food items from other partners!
You’ll find Sleepy G carrots at a variety of local retailers, but if you’re interested in the full-meal deal, they’ve got a few pop-up shares available through their website right now and you could be receiving a box of premium local produce every two weeks through March!
Visit for more information.