What’s In Season Episode 7: 3 Vegetarian Recipes with Storage Vegetables

Jodi Belluz of Belluz Farms presents three amazing and deceptively simple dishes made with local storage vegetables and dairy products available in January in Thunder Bay.

In this show you’ll learn how to combine seasoned roasted vegetables with prepared grains and legumes, and prepare different toppings to finish out each dish.

  • Roasted Beets & Lentils With “Caramelized” Onions, Dill & Marinated Feta
  • Roasted Carrots & Quinoa With Honey, Cumin & Tahini Yogurt
  • Roasted Winter Squash Wedges With Garlic-Chili-Lime Vinaigrette & White Beans

These versatile dishes can be prepared singly or together, in advance or in time for dinner, and can be refrigerated in their component pieces for easy assembly in lunches!


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