What’s In Season Ep. 2 – August: Tacos “Al’s Pastor,” Charred Salsa & Calabacitas with Al Rebelo

This month, Chef Allan Rebelo from El Tres and Bight Restaurant shows you how to cook up a family-style fiesta meal of Tacos “Al’s Pastor” with Char-Broiled Salsa and Calabacitas.

This meal is best prepared over two days so the meat marinates overnight and has lots of time to soak up the complex flavours.

Based on the flavours of spit-grilled Mexican pork “al pastor,” “Al’s Pastor” calls for a sliced and marinated pork shoulder roast grilled over medium heat and then sliced into thin strips to fill tortillas.  Enjoy it with fresh local veggies like sweet peppers, jalapenos, fresh red onions, pattypan squash and more as we celebrate local ingredients in season in August!


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